Aliens: The Game Over Collection!


We are thrilled to announce that our Aliens: The Game Over 3" blind-boxed TITANS collection is now in stock!

After the ongoing success of our original Alien 3" blind-boxed TITANS, Titan Entertainment are proud to present the all-new Aliens “Game Over!” 3" blind-boxed collection.

Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley returns alongside US Colonial Marine Dwayne Hicks and android science officer Bishop. The Alien Queen makes her first appearance as a 3" blind-boxed TITAN and the Xenomorph is back in multiple devastating incarnations, including a Warrior Xenomorph, a glow-in-the-dark Xenomorph variant and an Emergency Lighting Xenomorph. The battle-ready Armored Personnel Carrier and a Flaming Alien Egg also feature in this much-anticipated TITANS collection!

Each figure is 3” blind-boxed - and some of them come with a character-specific accessory.

PLUS: Rare chase figures for you to hunt and collect!

For UK customers, these will be available at Forbidden Planet to buy as single unit blind-boxes and 18 unit CDUs.

For US customers, these will be available to buy from Entertainment Earth as single unit blind-boxes and 18 unit CDUs.

If you are a retailer or distributor and looking to buy directly from us, please contact us quoting products of interest.

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