Awesome Doctor Who T-Shirts

With the new season currently airing, there's no better time to check out our awesome new exclusive-to-Hot Topic Doctor Who t-shirts !

We've got designs by superstar artists Kelly Yates and Jenny Parks covering the entire history of the legendary series.

While the Sixth Doctor always wore a cat badge, the Tenth hung out with cat people and the Eleventh claimed to 'speak cat' - we've never seen the Time Lord himself in feline form, until now as imagined by Jenny Parks!


And just when you thought the Doctors couldn't get any cuter - Kelly Yates redesigned all thirteen of them in super-kawaii chibi form! Peter Capaldi has never looked so adorable!


The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors' adventures are available on a number of streaming services, but it's a real shame we never got to enjoy them on our parents' old-school VCRs, so we've recreated them as 1980s VHS covers.


We've also got this super-cool design featuring the Doctor surveying his home planet of Gallifrey on the upside - and running away from a Dalek on their homeworld of Skaro on the downside (To rotate the t-shirt either stand on your head, or just use your imagination)!


And lastly, you can never go wrong with the TARDIS! The iconic time-ship has been an integral part of the show since the very first episode and is rendered here in a cool watercolour style!


All these and more are available from Hot Topic both online and in physical stores - but much like our favourite Gallifreyan, they won't stay there for long!