Just announced! Check out all the TITANS available at this years New York Comic Con! We'll be at Booth 2142 so come over and say hi!

Star Trek TITANS: 4.5" Spock STV-SPK4-001web.jpg

Star Trek TITANS: 4.5" Kirk STV-JTK4-001web.jpg

Star Trek TITANS: 4.5" Enterprise-D STV-17D4-001web.jpg

Cartoon Network TITANS: 4.5" Johnny Bravo CNV-JB4-001web.jpg

Sherlock TITANS: 3" Deerstalker Sherlock SLV-3DS-001web.jpg

Doctor Who TITANS: 4.5" Clara Tribute TARDIS DWV-CTT4-001web.jpg

Doctor Who TITANS: 3" Hologram 10th Doctor DWV-10H-001web.jpg

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