TARDIS TITANS Competition!

Titan Merchandise are very excited to unveil, in partnership with The Nerd Fu, an awesome chance to win a whole bunch of TARDIS TITANS!

Full details are available at The Nerd Fu site here! - but you could be in with the chance to win:

-3" 11th Doctor TARDIS

-3" 10th Doctor TARDIS

-3" Silver TARDIS

-3" Materializing TARDIS

-3" Seige Mode TARDIS

-3" Forest Of The Night TARDIS

-6.5" 11th Doctor TARDIS

-6.5" Bad Wolf TARDIS

-8" Trenzalore TARDIS


For a closer look at the prizes, make sure you check out The Nerd Fu's Periscope channel next week here

Good Luck!


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