San Diego Comic Con 2016!

This year we'll be bringing all kinds of awesome things to San Diego Comic Con! Take a look at our exclusive and First To Market TITANS - all available from Booth 5537!

Star Trek TITANS: 3" Amok Time Twin Pack STV From the Season 2 premiere of 'Star Trek: The Original Series' comes this awesome Kirk & Spock Twin-Pack! Set against the iconic arena back drop, these two 3" figures are equipped with their deadly Lirpas, with Spock sporting his purple sash and Kirk already suffering from a chest wound! This will be the first chance for collectors to get their hands on one of our Star Trek TITANS Vinyl Figures - with the full Season 1 based blindbox wave due later in the year.

Star Trek TITANS: The Original Series: 4.5" Enterprise STV Debuting at San Diego Comic Con! The Star Trek TITANS range continues with a 4.5" Vinyl figure of the classic USS Enterprise 1701 from Star Trek: The Original Series! Most famously captained by James T. Kirk, this is the most iconic craft to carry the name Enterprise!

Ghostbusters TITANS: 3" Hot Dog Slimer STV Everyone's favourite greedy, green ghost returns to San Diego Comic Con - in TITAN form! This unique, translucent 3"" Vinyl figure of Slimer comes with a mouth full of hot dogs!

Cartoon Network TITANS: 4.5" Finn STV Scaled up from his original 3" format, this 4.5" Finn TITAN is ready to head off into any adventure! This awesome window-boxed vinyl figures comes with Finn's Golden Sword Of Battle - "Mathematical!"

In addition to those awesome figures we'll also be taking with us these two great Doctor Who First To Market TITANS! A 12th Doctor TITAN based on his eerie ghost hologram from the episode "Under The Lake" and this super-cool translucent TARDIS with a glitter deco - both 3" in size! STV STV

Check out a few more photos below!:



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