Convention Exclusives

Titan Merchandise are very pleased to announce our upcoming convention exclusives – debuting at New York Comic Con 2015! Come and say hi to the team at Booth 2142!

Doctor Who

Doctor Who TITANS: 4.5" 10th Doctor Time Crash!

When the 10th Doctor met the 5th, he was incredibly excited to show off his 'Brainy Specs'!

This 4.5" TITAN features the Doctor in his iconic blue suit, with maroon shirt!

Doctor Who

Doctor Who TITANS: 3" 11th Doctor Football Kit!

From the Season 5 episode 'The Lodger'! Featuring the 11th Doctor in his 'Kings Arms' football kit!

Doctor Who

Sherlock TITANS: 3" Two Pack Sherlock & John Pyjamas!

The Consulting Detective and his companion are both ready for bed in their pyjamas and dressing gowns!

Doctor Who

Ghostbusters TITANS: 3" Translucent Slimer!

Everyone's favourite greedy, green ghost - in translucent vinyl!