Signed TITANS Christmas Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Christmas Competition - "Who's Your Favourite Doctor And Why"

The following lucky people have won a TITAN of their favourite Doctor signed by Matt JOnes aka Lunartik!

1st Doctor

@MrKasterbourous “@TitanMerch The First; in Hussein's words in AAISAT he's 'stern and scary but with a twinkle' and it's that 'twinkle' which makes him unique”

2nd Doctor

@BeccaJ89 “@TitanMerch The Second Doctor because well Tomb of the Cybermen need I say more? Oh and he plays the recorder, recorders are cool!?”

3rd Doctor

@PinkBatgirl “Pertwee, because opera capes are stylish and anyone who says otherwise will experience Venusian karate firsthand.”

4th Doctor

@whatthematt “@TitanMerch 4th doctor because of his terrific teeth, handsome hat, superb scarf and... Oh yes.. I would like a jelly baby!”

5th Doctor

@ohsugarfoot “@TitanMerch Peter Davison, because he once used a cricket ball to propel himself through space, and sacrificed himself for companions.”

6th Doctor

@KleeStuart “@TitanMerch collin baker such a lovely man. plus I met him this year at clic sgt childrens charity. scifi south collectors fair this year x”

7th Doctor

@ollib82 “@TitanMerch 7th Doctor comedic to begin with but as the series progressed changed into something we hadn't seen before and what an outfit!”

8th Doctor

@iamwunderwmn “@TitanMerch #EighthDoctor @pauljmcgann, his performance in @bigfinish audio dramas is so hopeful, wide-eyed, & you know ultimately doomed”

9th Doctor

@Laligin “@TitanMerch @Lunartik 9: so joyful when everybody lives, last words almost "Go to your room!" & fears/hates Daleks more than any. Fantastic.”

10th Doctor

@MRLOFT “@TitanMerch My favourite doctor was the 10th 'Tennant' of the Tardis, the most 'Noble' of all the Doctors”

11th Doctor

@RP_JadeWriter “@TitanMerch Competition: Best Doctor: Matt Smith! Reason: because he's like a Jammy Dodger! Steady on the outside, and frail on the inside!”

Well done to our winners, thanks to everyone who entered and Merry Christmas to you all!

Titan Merch

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