Where in the Whoniverse is the Eleventh Doctor?

Whovians! Have you spotted the Eleventh Doctor in your summer travels? Would you like a chance to win a prize pack from Titan Merchandise?

Our friends at BBC America are currently gearing up for San Diego Comic Comic 2013! They're celebrating the release of our Comic Con-exclusive 10th Doctor tuxedo TITAN (available in very limited numbers from the BBC stand and Titan's stand #5537 - don't miss out!) with this awesome contest in tribute to the Eleventh Doctor.

How to play....

1 - Take a picture of the Eleventh Doctor somewhere around the globe.

2 - Upload HERE and win!

We'll accept photographs of the Doctor in any form: a TITANS figure, handmade finger puppets, Cosplay... Be creative! And be sure to tell us where you snapped the pic!

Submission deadline is July 10, 11:59pm. Ten finalists will be selected by BBC judges to participate in an online voting period July 11-15. Finalists will be selected based on creativity, photographic eye and relevance to the DW theme.

Your votes determine the winners! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced the week of Comic Con and will receive prize packs full of TITANS, tees, mugs and ID holders from Titan Merchandise!

If you need some inspiration, see below for some photos the Titan Merch bods took around our offices along the South Bank, London...

The Shard St Pauls

If you would like to buy yourself a TITAN figure or two, you can pick them up at Forbidden Planet, and other Specialist Retailers

Titan Merch

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