Win Spock and Prosper!

OK so here's a question for you... Do you know the name of the age-old traditional survival test for pre-teen Vulcan's used to gauge their maturity readiness??

The origins of the maturity test originate from the ancient Vulcan warrior days with the basis that the young Vulcan must survive ten days without food, water or weapons in Vulcan's Forge. When the Vulcans turned to logic, they reasoned that they must maintain the tests of courage and strength to keep pure logic from making them weak and helpless.

But do you know what is is called??

If you do you stand a chance to win one of Titan Merchandise's fantastic Masterpiece Collection Spock Bust in this months issue of Star Trek Official Magazine....

This months issue is a must for any Spock / Leonard Nimoy fan...

Issue highlights:

  • An in-depth interview with a legend of the Star Trek Universe, Leonard Nimoy. Plus, showrunner Manny Coto talks about his time at the helm of the Enterprise.

  • The Trek captains' biggest challenges, and investigate the pitfalls of being the leader of a tyrannical regime in the Trek universe.

  • Star Trek Online comes under the spotlight as we look at the latest happenings in the interactive universe, and the game's creators provide a piece of exclusive Trek fiction.

  • The history of Star Trek comics, archive feature 'Time's Arrow' begins, the latest Trek books and comics

An exclusive interview with the man behind the Vulcan, as he looks back on his career and his life as Spock...

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