Star Trek Masterpiece Collection: Khan Noonien Singh and Mister Spock

Titan Merchandise are proud to announce our latest range of limited edition, officially-licensed, high-quality statuary: the Star Trek Masterpiece Collection!

Continuing our ongoing range of Star Trek figurines, these beautifully-crafted maxi-busts present Star Trek legends Ricardo Montalban and Leonard Nimoy in their iconic roles as the superhuman Khan and the Enterprise’s half-human, half-Vulcan science officer, Mr Spock.

Every detail of Khan’s masterful leadership and every nuance of Spock’s eternal, logical curiosity are captured in these astonishingly detailed polystone busts, standing 8” tall and 5” wide.

The Khan Noonien Singh Maxi-Bust captures every detail of Ricardo Montalban’s indelible performance as Khan in Star Trek II: The Wrath of, including his rugged strength, bouffant hair and every fold of his buccaneering outfit. KHAAAAN!!


The Mister Spock Maxi-Bust celebrates Leonard Nimoy’s legendary performance as the one of the greatest Star Trek icons of all time – the unforgettable Mr. Spock. This is an incredibly detailed piece with a note-perfect, never-before-seen replication of Spock’s Starfleet uniform, tricorder and phaser.

© CBS/Paramount 2011 Licensed by CBS Consumer Products Inc

US SRP $79.99
AVAILABLE FROM: Forbidden Planet, Entertainment Earth, and other specialist retailers