Hammer Horror Masterpiece Collection: Van Helsing and Countess Dracula!

Titan Merchandise are proud to announce the next items in our limited edition, officially-licensed, high-quality Hammer Horror Masterpiece Collection!

Our beautifully-crafted maxi-busts present Hammer legends Peter Cushing and Ingrid Pitt in their legendary roles as Van Helsing and Countess Dracula.

Every detail of Van Helsing's sartorial vampire-hunting precision (from his fur-collared greatcoat to his candelabra-clenching gloves) and every nuance of the Countess's chest-heaving, virgin-slaughtering evil beauty are captured in these astonishingly detailed polystone busts, standing 8” tall and 5” wide (6” from Van Helsing’s left shoulder to the tip of his crossed candelabras).

The Van Helsing Maxi-Bust celebrates fantasy legend Peter Cushing’s star-making performance as the original fearless vampire killer: Count Dracula’s unstoppably driven nemesis, Professor Abraham Van Helsing.


The Countess Dracula Maxi-Bust captures every curve of Polish movie siren Ingrid Pitt's signature role as the immortally-voluptuous Countess Elizabeth Bathory (from Hammer Films' 1971 epic Countess Dracula), restored to lascivious youth by the blood of her doomed virgin handmaidens!

© Hammer Film Productions Ltd. 2010

US SRP $79.99
AVAILABLE FROM: Forbidden Planet, Entertainment Earth, and other specialist retailers